Does your home fel a little dated? Perhaps you are tired of looking at the same four walls, with the same paint, carpet, hardwood floors, and design? Maybe you bought a home ten years ago when walls were hip, but now open concept is a must? There are several reasons that you may want your home to undergo renovations. You do not have to be leery of major renovations. There are plenty of wonderful things that can bring your home back alive whether you choose to conduct renovations because you want to sell for a better price or you want to live in a "newer" feeling home. The key is to hire professionals that can help you with your renovations to ensure that everything is done to code and that your design choices are the best for your desires.

Renovations for you

Renovations conducted for your pleasure are going to be about your budget and your preferences. You still want to contact a professional to talk about design and preferences because there may come a time in 10 or 30 years that you want to sell your home. You always want to think about the future a little when choosing new concepts for your renovations. The wrong colour schemes or backsplashes in the kitchen can turn away potential new homeowners when it comes time for the sale albeit it is less important since the renovations are for you to live more comfortably.

Sometimes renovations can be mild in terms of what is actually done to the main structure. You may decide that you want to keep the walls, but liven everything up with new paint, new floors, new windows, and new cabinets/countertops.

On the other hand you may wish to conduct renovations with opening up spaces in mind. For example if your kitchen feels small because it is closed off with four walls and two small door openings you can knock out a few walls and create an open concept.

Renovations for selling the home

When it comes to selling the home minimal renovations could make the home more valuable. Certainly things like new paint and flooring are the simplest as well as ensuring proper staging, but you also want to make certain there is no cause for the home value to be lowered. If you have a budget for renovations consider open concept, renovating the kitchen in neutral colours that are highly popular and updating windows that are 30+ years old.

Ed is extremely professional. His ability to listen, design and create ideas to maximise space and functionality is very impressive. Renovations are never easy but Ed always made us feel calm and confident with the work being carried out. He was a...

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